Best Zero Waste Hand Sanitizers 2020

If you’re in need of some hand sanitizer – and quick! – for those times it’s inconvenient or downright impossible to wash your hands, it can be tempting to break your zero waste vows and buy a bottle of Purell or some of those tiny, glittery, super-scented, plastic bottles of brightly colored sanitizers at your local mall. But, never fear, we’ve found some quality places online to find zero waste hand sanitizer so that you won’t have to stoop so low!

Best Vegan Makeup At Ulta 2020

The Best Vegan Makeup At Ulta

Going vegan or maintaining a vegan lifestyle is simpler than ever before with more and more beauty brands committing to producing not just cruelty-free cosmetics, but 100% vegan makeup. Cruelty-free generally means the brand does not conduct any testing of their finished products on animals. Vegan or Vegan Friendly products should have no ingredients that are sourced from an animal or any by-products of an animal (such as hair from a mammal for makeup brushes or beeswax as an ingredient in cosmetics, etc).

Best Zero Waste Dry Shampoos 2020

Best Zero Waste Dry Shampoos

We all know that washing your hair on the daily is a big no-no if want to keep your hair healthy. Constant shampooing strips hair of its natural oils, dries it out, and causes it to over-produce oil. Yuck! Nobody likes a greasy scalp. Thankfully, we can get around this hair-do drama by skipping a couple washes per week and using a quality dry shampoo to keep hair looking fluffy and fabulous.

Zero Waste Skincare Products 2020

Best Zero Waste Skincare

Perhaps the most overwhelming category of products to switch in your regular routine when adopting a zero waste lifestyle are your skincare products. It isn’t enough to just find skincare products that are zero waste; they also need to work for your skin type. Skin care items can be some of the most expensive products we buy, so they need to be worth the expense and you need to feel good when you use them.

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