Homemade Soda Fail

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Failed homemade soda– How To Fail At Making Homemade Soda –

I decided to try to make homemade soda for a couple of reasons.  I am trying to steer clear of high fructose corn syrup, and most commercial sodas have too much sugar.  I wanted to try to make my own soda that was healthier, tastier, and fun to make.

My first homemade soda was a complete failure. And by failure I mean that it is completely and totally undrinkable.

I tried making soda with one of my friends, and we decided to try to make soda using yeast to produce a lightly fermented soda that certainly won’t even give you a buzz, but will be nice and fizzy.

After days of anticipation and patiently waiting while the soda fermented we opened it to try it out. The first thing that Jason said was that it smelled like a fart, and, truth be told, it did.

So, we failed at making sweet delicious soda, but luckily we did figure out a good fart soda recipe for future use.

 – Where we went wrong –

Our flatulent culprit was the yeast that we used.  I’d read that champagne, or something similar is the proper yeast to use. However, not having any of that around I compromised and used the bread yeast that I had laying around. I had heard that it might add a bready taste to your soda.

Instead of using the champagne yeast as directed. I in my brilliance thought, “Hey, how bad could bread yeast be!”

In short, terrible.  Saying that it might have a bready flavor was an understatement, and it smelled terrible.  Don’t try to make homemade soda using bread yeast.  It’s not worth it.

– There Is Still Hope –

Although the soda smelled terrible, and tasted terrible.  The “soda” did have great carbonation, and was very fizzy.  At the very least I now know that making soda is fairly easy, and should work well once I decide to actually follow the directions.

I will certainly be trying to make homemade soda again when I get the right yeast.

This should teach me to follow the directions, but that’s just one lesson I might never fully learn.

Have you ever made you own homemade soda?  How’d yours turn out?  Let me know in the comments

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Soda Fail”

  1. Ha ha that’s cute fart soda …. We made our own but as we wanted to try the old fashioned fountain sodas we made simple syrup its very basic, and yes it has sugar in it but we did do many flavors like pineapple with real pineapple as we took one that was very ripe and added a but of water and some sugar just to make it more like a syrup then after it boils a bit cool and add to club soda I would imagine you could omit the sugar you could use a super sweet sugary fruit boil it down with a wee bit of water and add maybe Stevia to sweeten more its an all natural plant extract made for people who like sweet but not sugar……well hope this works for you its super good I hope you try it

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