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Books We Love!

Books We Love!

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I will be the first to admit it, I have a problem.  A book problem.  I love books.  I love buying books.  Having a kindle has only slightly slowed down my book buying habit.  I don’t just have books stacked up around the house from my favorite genres of fantasy and sci-fi.  Over the years I have collected books ranging from Marcus Aurelius to an etiquette guide for American soldiers serving abroad in World War II.  As a result of my book buying habit I have also added a few homemade cleaning and beauty product books to our home library.

Here are mine and Kelsey’s favorite diy homemade home and beauty recipe books, enjoy!

Homemade Cleaning Recipe Books

The Naturally Clean Home

I really like this book, with cute illustrations and a handy pocket-size (I have large pockets) format I’d have a hard time not liking it even if the recipes weren’t great.  With a small section on herbs and essential oils for cleaning the book goes on to present recipes for cleaning your entire home inside and out.  I especially like the section on removing stains and buildup on various types of metal.

Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness

Often favoring a minimalistic approach the recipes in this book usually only have a few ingredients and are super simple to make.  This book comes in a larger rectangular format with some really beautiful images strangely making it a sometimes coffee table book in our home.  I especially like the weed killing solutions section.  Who knew simple boiling water would be an effective weed killer!


This book is a beast!  This thing covers everything from homemade health and beauty products to easy to make desserts and recipes for homemade grocery items like salad dressings and curry powder.  If you don’t know where you want to start with making your own homemade products this is the go to primer to get you started!

Essential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home

This book is fourth on my list of home cleaning recipe books because, well, it doesn’t have any pictures, and I really like pictures.  Other than that it is extremely comprehensive and has ingredients for all your home cleaning needs from cleaning up after pets, to kitchen cleaning, and smell removal of all types.  It is definitely worth adding to the library after the other books mentioned on this page.

Homemade Beauty Recipe Books

All Natural Beauty

This book strikes an amazing balance between simple straightforward directions, luxury results, and is packed with educational blurbs explaining the benefits of the ingredients used in each recipe.  On top of all that it has some beautiful photography of the ingredients used in each recipe and is bound in a beautiful matte finished hardcover.  I love this book.

Natural Beauty Skin Care

This is a robust book with ingredients covering everything skin care with sections of face, body, hair and more.  Where it lacks in pretty pictures this book makes up for it in the creativity of the recipes featuring recipes like: honey & chia seed cleanser to a rose, goat milk, and rock salt scrub.

200 Tips, Techniques & Recipes for Natural Beauty

This book has an incredibly accurate title!  It is packed with tips, technics, and recipes for homemade beauty products.  From the best way to apply eye toner to coconut milk hair masks each page is completely packed with useful information.  Some pages feature up to 5 or 6 recipes on a single page!  This book is as dense as it is pretty and useful.

The Natural Beauty Solution

This book has a fantastic section on “Building Your Pantry” where it covers the various staples of a homemade beauty product pantry and it simply explains the benefit of each natural ingredient.  This book features some beautiful photography and does a great job of providing educational information along with useful recipes without overwhelming me with too much packed onto each page.

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