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DIY Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

How to make a diy cinnamon reed diffuser from scratch

Get those fall scents wafting with a super simple diy cinnamon reed diffuser oil refill recipe. With this recipe you’ll be able to make your own diffuser from scratch or refill a diffuser you already own.

I love reed diffusers because they are a great alternative to candles and as someone with asthma it’s great to have a nice scent around the house without any irritating smoke.

DIY Patchouli Reed Diffuser

How to make a diy patchouli reed diffuser

I love making this diy patchouli reed diffuser & diffuser oil refill. I used to burn patchouli incense all the time, but sadly my asthma has always made that a somewhat painful thing to do.

I don’t know why, but for the longest time I didn’t even consider whether or not you can even use patchouli essential oil in a diffuser. Then one day I noticed I had a little bottle already sitting in one of my essential oil sets and decided to give it a try.

Now i get all the same great patchouli smell with none of the smoke!

Rattan Diffuser Reeds Buying Guide

Rattan Diffuser Reed Buying Guide image of a rattan reed diffuser.

Colored, straight, wavy, curly, or twirly there are rattan reeds for nearly every taste so read on and find the right ones for your next diffuser project!

Getting straight to the point, here are some of my favorite diffuser reeds from Amazon. If you want, you can also skip down to the section on what to look out for when selecting diffuser reeds for a few warnings and a little guidance to make sure you get exactly what you you’re paying for.

Winter Essential Oils Buying Guide

Whether it’s a nice fresh-cut pine tree, gingerbread cookies hot out of the oven, or tasty peppermint candy canes; flavors and scents define the holiday season.

Using essential oils is a fast, easy, and natural way to punch up the scents in your home without bringing a single tree into your home, baking a single tray of cookies, or even eating a candy cane.  I love using winter essential oils to help get into the holiday spirit by filling my home with the scents of the season.

In this post I have listed some of the best essential oils for Christmas and the holiday season as well as a couple of buying options to get your home smelling great this holiday season. Read on to find the right essential oils for your diffusers, soap making, or other holiday projects!

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