Best Zero Waste Dry Shampoos 2020

Best Zero Waste Dry Shampoos

We all know that washing your hair on the daily is a big no-no if want to keep your hair healthy. Constant shampooing strips hair of its natural oils, dries it out, and causes it to over-produce oil. Yuck! Nobody likes a greasy scalp. Thankfully, we can get around this hair-do drama by skipping a couple washes per week and using a quality dry shampoo to keep hair looking fluffy and fabulous.

DIY Coconut Beard Oil Moisturizer

Coconut Oil Beard Moisturizer

How To Use Coconut Oil As Homemade Beard Moisturizer

Sometimes a beard just gets dry and itchy.  It’s no fun, but it’s part of the reality of sportin’ a beard.  If you have suffered from a dry itchy beard or know someone who has here is a super quick, easy, and natural way to moisturize your beard and skin for a delightfully itch free beard with a coconut oil beard moisturizer.

Here’s how to use coconut oil as the perfect basic beard oil moisturizer.

How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

homemade dry shampoo

How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

Making homemade dry shampoo is really really easy, which is great since dry shampoo can be really handy in a pinch.

The homemade dry shampoo recipe is perfect for anyone out there who doesn’t want to wash their hair everyday because shampoo is hard on their hair, for those who want a way to stay clean while they’re camping, or for anyone who has run out of shampoo and aren’t in the mood to make their own wet shampoo or for a trip to the store.

Time: 2 min.

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