Deodorant Powder with Baking Soda & Cornstarch

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how to make deodorant powder

Basic Homemade Deodorant Powder

Deodorant, everybody needs it, and no one wants to admit it.  It’s something we use every (almost) every day of our lives.  Learning how to make deodorant is easy, and if you are looking for a way to stay fresh with less chemicals here’s how to do it. 

According to many using your standard store bought sick of deodorant raises some health concerns.  Many of the shelf deodorants include parabens and aluminum.  I won’t get into their health risks here, but concerns include cancer, and Alzheimers.

There are all-natural stick deodorant alternatives out there, but many people have mixed results with their actual odor fighting power.  Not to mention that all-natural, and organic products can be expensive.

I like to keep things simple, with that in mind here is a great, extremely easy to make and use homemade deodorant for men and women that is as easy as shaking a box.

Time: 2 ~ 4 minutes

Update:  If you want to try out some slightly more involved homemade deodorant powder recipes check out my other post on homemade deodorant powder.

– Ingredients –

how to make deodorantThis is another great really easy homemade beauty (for lack of a better word) product.  All you need is:

 The corn starch will absorb and trap moisture, while the baking soda serves as an odor eliminator.

– Step One –

how to make deodorant with corn starchCorn Starch

This isn’t one of those exact measurement recipes.  I didn’t even manage to mess it up once.  Measure out some corn starch, it doesn’t really matter how much, just as long as you know how much baking soda to add next.

Optionally, you can use arrowroot powder instead.  You will get a deodorant powder that is just as effective in the end but a little more friendly for those with a corn sensitivity.

– Step Two –

homemade deodorant with baking sodaBaking Soda

 Then measure out an equal amount of baking soda, and add it to the corn starch.  It doesn’t need to be exact, we’re just going for about half and half.

– Step Three –

How to make deodorant

Mix it

Sift it, stir it, or shake it.  It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you mix it completely.

– Step Four –


A lot of people online suggest using essential oils to scent their homemade deodorant.  Personally I’m not a big fan of using essential oils.  The oils don’t really mix well with the powder, and it clumps making it harder to apply and use.  But if you want to give essential oils a shot feel free.

As an alternative I suggest trying something like powdered lavender.  In the future I plan to even try drying out some orange peel and using that in the deodorant power.

– Storing it –

You can store you homemade deodorant in pretty much anything you like.  It is vast if you find an airtight container.  Baking soda absorbs odors, and you probably don’t want it pre-absorbing any odors before you put it on your body.

A salt or pepper shaker will do the job.  An old makeup tin with a powder puff will work.  Or you can reuse an old powder squeeze bottle.  This cocoa powder shaker would work awesome too.

– Applying it –

Depending on how you store it you can either apply it with something like a cotton ball, or a powder puff.  If you want to you can even store it in something like old arm and hammer squeeze bottle and just poof it on that way.

Thoroughly coat your entire armpit.  One application should easily last for an entire day, some people even find that it will last for up to two days.

– My Experience –

I really like using my homemade deodorant so far.  Honestly I really like this deodorant much better than normal stick deodorant.  The powder can get everywhere if you’re not careful, but it’s awesome because it isn’t pasty.  As a guy I like it because it doesn’t make armpit hairs stick together.  Bottom line, it just feels cleaner than rubbing paste in your armpit.

I haven’t had any problems with my homemade deodorant affecting the color of any of my clothes.  However be cautious and test it out by rubbing some of it on an inconspicuous area of a shirt or two.

Now that you know how to make homemade deodorant go and make yourself a batch, and keep your pits stink free without all those extra chemicals.  Leave a comment with your own experiences and feedback.

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17 thoughts on “Deodorant Powder with Baking Soda & Cornstarch”

  1. Nice recipe! I’m a fan of tea tree oil, and found that you can put a few drops on a cotton pad and let it sit in the powder mix for a few days. The scent mixes with the powder without clumping.

    1. No problem Polly! I hope the flowers work well for you! I’ve tried it myself now with some powdered herbs, but I didn’t get as much of a scent as I had hoped for.

  2. I just mixed my second batch. Well third I guess. The first batch did not work for me. I got a bit of a rash and ditched it. I did not want to give up though because it had been working so well. I tried using arrow root instead of the corn starch and it worked great. I love it.

    1. That’s great to hear Shannon. I’m really glad that arrow root powder worked as an alternative for you, I’ve switched to arrow root powder full time instead myself.

  3. I am happy to have found this recipe…stick deo has stain my tees and blouses…and will not wash out…I do spray a bit of my everyday perfume on a cotton pad and put it in to bottom of the powder container…now I smell the same all over…thanks Lance…

  4. I’m glad you found it helpful Helene! Stick deodorant really can be a pain sometimes. I’ll have to try scenting mine using your cotton ball method that’s a great idea, thanks for the tip!

  5. as career Army Sgt for years I used a white athletic sock with cornstarch in the field to freshen up between shower runs. It takes a hot, sticky, body and 3 day old ACU’s and makes you feel human again. Using it on all body parts especially pits and crotch, don’t forget the feet.
    Your mixtures would work well in a sock for application, store in a zip lock. Good stuff Lance

  6. Hi
    You mention that is Hard to mix the essential oil into the powder. My experience is that i drop the essential oil to abit of baking soda first and use a spoon or folk to mix it, then when i finish the process of mixing everything togheter, then i sieve. Hope i helped.

  7. Going to go make some right now! Sometimes, I’ve had issues with store bought antipersperants/deoderants, no working (including Arm and Hammer brand) – particularly in not keeping me dry. How I could feel sticky an hour after applying was an uncomfrotable mystery to me. I’m not talking about sweating cause I’m exercising, I’m just talking sticky. So I have high hopes for the cornstarch in this recipe. : )

  8. Hi Lance. Thank you for this recipe idea. The baking soda gives me a rash, so I’m using a 50/50 mix of arrowroot powder and bentonite clay. It works beautifully.

  9. Excellent ! I have tried it and it works really well. I would like to try the perfume on a cotton pad and the tea tree oil at different times to see which works for me or is better.

    1. Yessir, it will definitely help with dryness in the male junk region as well. A simple application of just the starch(cornstarch or arrowroot powder) will work great for controlling moisture down there all by itself. I would just recommend that if you decide to add essential oils into the mix you start out with only a drop or two in the mix and that you do a small test application before applying too liberally to avoid and unpleasant experiences. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

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