Homemade Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

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homemade shoe deodorizer pouches

Homemade Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

I recently did a post on how to make your own homemade shoe deodorizer powder which works great.  But there are some shoes that I wouldn’t ever want to dump a load of powder into, and I’m sure you probably do too.

So to solve that problem, I came up with my own solution for homemade shoe deodorizers which doesn’t require you to pour powder into you shoes to get those unpleasant smells out.  Instead the end result is a tidy little bundle that works just as well and looks a lot nicer than a pile of powder too, and you can make them in whatever fabric you like. This is one of my all-time favorite smelly shoe odor remedies!

Time: 10 – 15 minutes

– Ingredients –

homemade shoe deodorizer pouches ingredients Here’s the ‘gredients:

Makes: 4 – 6 sachets

Let’s make these shoe deodorizers…

– Step One –

homemade shoe deodorizer add baking soda 1/2 cup Baking Soda

Add approximately 1/2 cup baking soda into a medium sized mixing bowl.

Baking soda, as you probably know, is an excellent odor absorbent.  It is what will be sucking those nasty smells out of your shoes.

As with a lot of these homemade cleaners, you don’t have to worry about being exact in your measurements, and you can tweak the quantities to make as large or as small of a batch as you’d want, just use roughly equal parts baking soda and arrowroot powder.

– Step Two –

diy shoe deodorizer add arrowroot powder 1/2 cup Arrowroot Powder

Next, add in 1/2 cup arrowroot powder into the bowl.

Alternatively, you can use cornstarch or possibly potato starch although I have used the potato starch before.

The arrowroot powder is what takes care of moisture control in this shoe deodorizer.  Arrowroot is a common substitute for cornstarch which is often used in cooking as a thickening agent.  All that means is that it is very good at absorbing water which is exactly what we want it to do.

– Step Three –

10 – 20 drops Essential Oil

Adding essential oils is optional, however adding them has more benefits than simply scenting your shoes.  Many essential oils are also antimicrobial meaning that they can kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and/or fungus.

That means that with the help of essential oils not only are odors removed, but whatever might be living in your shoes are also killed reducing the how quickly your shoes will become smelly again.

I didn’t add any essential oils to my shoe deodorizers this time, but I probably will from time to time in the future.

– Step Four –

homemade shoe deodorizer stir Mix

That’s it, all your ingredients are in.  Now mix it all together.

If you did add essential oils you might have to work a little to break up the essential oil clumps.  If you can’t get the essential oil to mix in completely try using a whisk, that usually does the trick for me.

The more thoroughly you mix your ingredients the better they will each be able to do the work they are meant to do.

– Step Five –

diy shoe deodorizer cut strings Cut Your Strings

Next, it’s time to cut your strings.  You can use whatever you want for the tie.  Twine or ribbon would be great options.  I played around with the idea of using the edge fabric piece from the fabric that I used, but I decided not to in the end because the hemp string looked better.

For this a length of 10 -12 inches is just about right.

– Step Six –

homemade shoe deodorizer cut fabric Measure and Cut Your Cloth

Cut your cloth into around 10 x 10 inch squares.

For my sachets I used cloth scraps I dug out of my wife’s sewing stuff.  Most fabrics will work well for this, and those that are on the thinner side will work the best.  Or, you can pick up some 10 inch quilting squares from your local fabric store or Amazon.

I love this because you don’t have to be super accurate about it, just get it in the ballpark, and it will still look great when you’re all done.

– Step Seven –

homemade shoe deodorizer scoop the powder into the cloth Scoop Mixture

Scoop up a good amount of your mixture and pour it onto the center of each cloth.

Aim for around a golf ball sized pile per fabric square (less and you’re not getting the most bang for your buck, and more you won’t be utilizing all of the powder that you’re using).

– Step Eight –

diy shoe deodorizer pinch Pinch Corners

Next, gather up the corners of the cloth, and pinch them together.

– Step Nine –

put a bow on the homemade shoe deodorizer pouches Put A Bow On It

Tie a bow directly above where all the powder is in the fabric.

Tie the cutest bow that you can, mine looks ok, I’m not great with bows apparently. :(

– Step Ten –

finished homemade shoe deodorizers That’s It…

That’s it, now you’ve got some pretty little shoe deodorizers that work without having to dump a load of powder down into you shoes.

– Step Eleven –

Use Them

Pop one of your shoe deodorizer sachet into each of your shoes.  If you’re really wanting to make sure you get all the odor out of your shoes you can use two or three of these per shoe to really get the job done.

using homemade shoe deodorizers How long do they last?

How long these little shoe deodorizer sachets will last depends on how often you use them, and how bad the shoes are you’re using them in .  That being said, they should last at least one to two weeks with heavy usage, and as long as a month or more with light usage.

– How Do They Work? –

These work really great.  Previously I used a homemade shoe deodorizer powder that I would pour into my shoes to do the same thing.  But these sachets do it just as well without leaving as much powder behind in my shoes.

The sachets do leave behind a little bit of powder after each use, but it is very fine, and nothing compared to what can get left behind when pouring the powder straight into your shoes.

These are something I will definitely continue to make and use going forward.  They just work so well, and they’re so easy to make, how could I not continue using them.


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7 thoughts on “Homemade Shoe Deodorizer Sachets”

  1. When time to make new sachets..have you found that you needed to only change out the powder mixture inside the cloth square or did you trash the whole thing and use a brand new fabric square?

    1. I can usually reuse the fabric squares four or five times, after that I just gently hand wash them and they’re ready to be used again. It usually takes dozens of uses before they become unredeemable. Thanks for the question Rebecca!

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