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Zero Waste Shaving Cream Products 2020

Zero Waste Shaving Cream Products 2020

Leading a zero waste lifestyle may seem overwhelming at first, but if you conquer waste one product at a time it can be a breeze. An easy place to start is with zero waste shaving cream. Whether your preference is for creams, soaps, butters, or foams, you’ll find a great zero waste option for you.

From naked products with zero packaging, to shaving products with water soluble wrappers – there are many types of zero waste shaving options that get the job done regardless of your skin type and shaving preferences.

Most Likely to Compost: Ethique

The Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar is at the top of the zero waste shaving cream list, and it doubles as shampoo too. This dynamic product has all kinds of zero waste clout: its vegan, plant-based, and the package is 100% compostable.

The Ethique Shampoo & Shaving bar is super concentrated and equal to three bottles of liquid shampoo. It lasts longest if stored in an Ethique shower-safe case (made of bamboo and also compostable after lasting up to 5 years in your shower). When shaving the bar works best when used with a shaving brush, or by rubbing between hands to create a lather.

Recycle, Reuse, Get a Free Face Mask

LUSH D'fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

Photo courtesy of LUSH

LUSH D’Fluff shaving soap is now vegan, super hydrating, and pretty in pink! What makes this shaving soap so yummy? It’s a soft, whipped concoction of fresh strawberries, moisturizing rose hip oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. It’s seriously delicious smelling and will suit your zero waste routine well.

If you’ve ever visited a LUSH retail store before you’re probably familiar with their naked soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bars. About 35% of their products go naked, but the rest are packaged in BPA-free, 100% post consumer recycled, plastic pots and bottles. But never fear! LUSH not only encourages you to bring your empty (and clean) pots back to the store, they’ll gift you a free, fresh face mask when you turn in 5 plastic pots or bottles! They are then shipped to refulFILL their destiny when LUSH melts them down and reuses them to hold their next batch of goodies.

Great Things Come In No Packages

Eco Roots Organic Shaving Soap

Photo courtesy of Eco Roots

Organic, waste free, and vegan: this little bar of Organic Shave soap from Eco Roots packs a lot of punch. Organic Shave Soap produces a moisturizing lather that you can still see through to make sure you don’t miss any stray hairs. It is sold both individually, and within a classy Zero Waste Shaving Kit. If you’re starting your zero waste shaving cream routine at square one, or you’re already a zero waste shaving pro – Eco Roots has a simple straightforward solution for you.

How Low Can You Go? Save Money & The World!

This little baby comes in as our most affordable zero waste shaving cream alternative: the Rocky Mountain Soap Co Peppermint Shave Bar. After rinsing in the shower I gave it a few swipes on my legs and got a little lather on my hands before rubbing it all over to make sure I had good coverage and then shaved as usual. It has a very nice texture and minty scent. After showering and drying off I noticed my legs were smoother than usualwhich was honestly surprising and exciting. Even the next day my skin felt smoother and more moisturized than usual with the only change in routine being the shave bar (and I didn’t even put lotion on afterward).


There are many options in the wide world of shaving that make great, zero waste alternatives to traditional shaving cream foam in an aerosol can (which let’s face it, is pretty much a flame thrower to the ozone). If you like a thick lather or you’re more of a simple soap shaver, you’ll find a product that gets the job done without creating any trash.

If you found some great new zero waste shaving cream ideas on this list please be sure to share it.

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