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DIY Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

DIY Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

Get those fall scents wafting with a super simple diy cinnamon reed diffuser oil refill recipe. With this recipe you’ll be able to make your own diffuser from scratch or refill a diffuser you already own.

I love reed diffusers because they are a great alternative to candles and as someone with asthma it’s great to have a nice scent around the house without any irritating smoke.

Cinnamon reed diffusers are the perfect choice for those looking for a fall/holiday scent or people who love Big Red gum. Whichever camp your in, read on to find out how to make your own diffuser is just a few minutes!


Ingredients to make a homemade cinnamon reed diffuser

Once you’ve got your ingredients ready let’s make out homemade cinnamon diffuser refill oil!

Add 1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil

Add 1/4 cup carrier oil to cinnamon reed diffuser

Grab your reed diffuser container of choice and pour in 1/4 cup of your carrier oil.

In this recipe I am using fractionated coconut oil as my base/carrier oil be cause it is relatively colorless and is fairly thin which makes it a good for avoid the need to thin it with alcohol. You can use several other reed diffuser carrier oils instead if you want to mix it up.

Add 25 drops cinnamon essential oil

Add 25 drop essential oil to cinnamon reed diffuser

Next add in 25-30 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon can be a very overpowering scent, so, it is best to error on the side of adding too little essential oils in the beginning. You can always add more cinnamon eo later if you need to.

Give your bottle a little swirl to mix your essential oils evenly into the carrier oil. This is the same basic recipe used to make all reed diffuser oil refills so if you ever want to try some other scents use the same ratios!

Keep in mind that the quality of your finished diffuser will be a reflection of the quality of the essential oils that you are using. Make sure that your are buying high quality 100% pure essential oils to make sure that your diffuser oil smells great every time!

If you are just making a batch of homemade cinnamon diffuser refill oil then stop here. Take your oil and pour it into your current reed diffuser to get those sweet sweet cinnamon smells flowing!

Insert 5-7 rattan reeds

Add 5-7 rattan reeds

Lastly grab yourself 5-7 reed diffuser stick and insert them into the bottle.

The more reeds you use the more diffusing action you’ll have.

There are many types of rattan reeds you can use, but, I personally like these simple plain ones myself.

Remember to flip your reeds weekly to refresh the scent and keep your home smelling as festive as possible!

A note on bamboo skewers, while they look very similar to rattan reeds they are not a good options for diffusers as they have a series of chambers that blocks the flow of diffuser oil while rattan reeds are more like straws and have channels that run the entire length of the reed making them great for diffusing!

Enjoy your new cinnamon diffuser!

That’s it, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new cinnamon diffuser.

For a more earthy scent that I find very comforting read how to make a diy patchouli reed diffuser.

Troubleshooting scent strength issues

Too strong

If the smell of cinnamon is too strong right away or becomes overwhelming over the first night, try adding a little more carrier oil to the container 1-2 teaspoons at a time swirling to mix. Let the diffuser sit overnight before adding more, repeat as needed.

Too weak after making

If the scent is too weak after sitting for about a day but your are getting some fragrance from the diffuser start by adding 1-2 additional reeds. Give it one more night and see how it is doing the following morning.

If the diffuser is still too weak try adding another 5 drops of cinnamon essential oils swirling to mix. Let it sit overnight and repeat as needed.

Too weak over time

If your reed diffuser looses its scent over time first make sure that you are flipping the reeds about once a week to keep the scent strong. If you have been flipping your reeds consistently but the scent is still declining it is likely time to replace your reeds. Overtime reeds will become clogged and stop diffusing. Just replace your reeds and you’re back in business!

Pre-made Cinnamon Diffusers

Hey, if you’re having a lazy day I won’t judge! There are also some great pre-made cinnamon diffuser options out there as well. You can give one of these great diffusers a shot as well. Keep in mind though that pre-made reed diffusers will typically be made with fragrance oil rather than pure essential oils.

McCall's Country Candles Reed Garden Diffuser 4 oz. - Cinnamon
McCall's Country Candles Reed Garden Diffuser 4 oz. - Cinnamon
4 Oz.; Cinnamon fragrance; 12 reeds

DIY Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

DIY Cinnamon Reed Diffuser

How to make your own cinnamon essential oil reed diffuser great for getting in the holiday spirit!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 narrow neck diffuser container
  • 1/4 cup carrier oil
  • 25 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 5-7 rattan reeds


  1. Add 1/4 cup carrier oil to narrow necked diffuser containerAdd 1/4 cup carrier oil to cinnamon reed diffuser
  2. Add 25 drops cinnamon essential oil and swirl to mixAdd 25 drop essential oil to cinnamon reed diffuser
  3. Put 5-7 rattan reeds in the diffuser containerAdd 5-7 rattan reeds
  4. Place the diffuser in a safe place out of reach of pets and children and enjoy that awesome pepperminty smell!How to make a diy cinnamon reed diffuser from scratch

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