Zero Waste Skincare Products 2020

Best Zero Waste Skincare

Perhaps the most overwhelming category of products to switch in your regular routine when adopting a zero waste lifestyle are your skincare products. It isn’t enough to just find skincare products that are zero waste; they also need to work for your skin type. Skin care items can be some of the most expensive products we buy, so they need to be worth the expense and you need to feel good when you use them.

Best Zero Waste Face Moisturizers 2020

Of all my grooming and self care routines, none are more sacred than my skin care routine. Within said routine(s) its safe to say the heavy hitters are the moisturizers. Cleansers, toners, and spot treatments may come and go, but it takes a special moisturizer to push “add to cart” and it better be great if I’m going to “add to face”. So with all that said, deciding to totally switch up your whole routine in order to find a zero waste moisturizer can be stressful.

Moso Natural Deodorizer Review

Deodorizer shoes with moso natural minis

I ran across the Moso Natural Minis awhile ago, and, they have always seemed like a great option to manage minor odor issues in shoes, bags, and other mildly smell places.

Usually, I just make my own baking soda air fresheners or one of my own home remedies for smelly shoes. But … sometimes I’m really lazy. To make sure that the battle against bad odors continues when I am at my most lazy I decided to review Moso Natural and give them a shot!

Best Zero Waste Razors 2020

The Best Zero Waste Razors

If you have decided you’re ready to take your shaving game to the next level and want to adopt some sustainable habits into your grooming routine, zero waste razors should be at the top of your shopping list. Unlike plastic disposable razors that need branded, disposable cartridges each time your blade dulls, reusable razors take stainless steel replacement blades that are 100% recyclable (and your choices are more sophisticated than gendered blue or pink plastic).

There are a few factors to consider before choosing a zero waste razor and the type of blades you buy to go with it. How often do you shave? Are you confident wielding a blade? Are you willing to take your razor apart and to clean it between uses?

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