Best Reed Diffuser Containers: Upcycle or Buy New

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I like making reed diffusers because you can kind of make it any way you want. You can make your diffuser cute or rugged(really you can!), big or tall, super smelly(fragrant) or subtle and delicate in scent.

I am personally not super fancy with my difussers. Ofthen I end up just upcycling some container I already have on hand. I have defintiely used more than a couple of beer bottles to make a quick reed diffuser.

Here is a quick rundown of some great diffuser container ideas to get you started!

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Upcycle A Container

First of all, use something free! At least if this is your first diffuser, totally use something free like the options below to play around with and see if you even want to make a diffuser.

I love upcycling things, its a really great way to squeeze more usage out of an item instead of sending it to the landfill. Or, even if it is going to get recycled, this is a great way to save a little money and avoid buying new stuff.

There are some really great upcycling options for diffuser containers, and I’m probably forgeting a ton of great ones so let me know in the comments if you have any great options I don’t have listed here!

Upcycle Containers

In my opinion beverage bottles are the best for upcycling into essential oil diffusers! I think they look great and why spend money one something when you already have something you can use on hand.

The fastest probably most common item you can upcycle into a reed diffuser is a beer or soda bottle! Heck, you probably have a few of those lying around right now in a glass recycling bin.

They are fairly tall, but they can be a super cheap container option to get you started.

If you don’t have one of these right now, well, drink something and then you’ll be ready to get started making yourself a reed diffuser!

Other recycled glass container options include liquor bottles, perfume bottles, or olive oil bottles. You can really use just about any glass container that has a narrow neck which will help to cut down on evaporation.

But, if you don’t have those things on hand…

Buy A Container

Ok, if you don’t have any great glass containers on hand, or you just don’t like the aesthetic of using an upcycled containers here are some great options just for you!

Any purchases made through my links helps to support me in making this website, so thank you!

Looks upcycled

Brown beer bottles are one of my go to diffuser containers these days since they are soooo easy to use and relatively readily available.

Nakpunar 25 oz Nordic Heavy Base Glass Liquor Bottle with T-Top Synthetic Cork with Bonus Regular...
Nakpunar Brand Heavy Base Nordic Glass Liquor Bottle in 25 oz (750 ml); Comes with 2 closure: Synthetic T-Bar Cork and Natural Cork

A liquor bottle is great for a larger than average diffuser. Something like a gin or whiskey bottle would work great!

You can also upcycle that underused decanter your uncle gave you for Christmas one year that is just collecting dust waiting to be Marie Kondo’d.

Minimal and Classy

Round Decorative Glass Diffuser Bottle - 1 pc
1 pc; 4" tall x 3" diameter; Heavy glass; Add oil to bottle, put diffuser reeds in to absorb and diffuse scent

I like these cute little sphere glass bottles. These are a great simple options for a smaller diffuser perfect for your bathroom.

Clear Glass Diffuser Bottles with Natural Reed Sticks and Black Wood Caps (2X4.7 Inch)
Classic Design Glass diffuser bottle is an eye-catching decoration in any room.; Reed sticks are healthy and can release fragrance slowly to fresh the air.

These are kind of the classic diffuser look. I don’t know how many diffuser kits I have seen online and in stores that have bottles just like these(like a whole ton!).

MyGift Diamond-Faceted Clear Glass Diffuser Bottles with Cork Lids, Set of 2
Set of 2 diamond-faceted diffuser bottles perfect for storing oils for displaying flowers; Corked lid keeps contents secure and fresh

If you want something with a bit more visual interest, these faceted glass containers will do the trick!

Vintage look

Feel Fragrance Glass Diffuser Bottles Diffuser Jars with Cork Caps Set of 4 – 5.3 inches High,...
SET OF 4 packing with cork caps: Sturdy, clear, heavy bottom, solid, clean, glass.; DIMENSIONS: Glass Diffuser Bottles Set of 4 - 5.3" High,240ml, 8.2 oz.

A little rustic and a little modern these are a great option as well. I especially like that they come with cork stoppers to you can cap them and move them easily as needed.

Very similar to the last option, I like these blue glass bottles way more! I’m a big fan of colored glass!

Light Blue Ceramic Jug w/ Gray Bottom - 4.5 x 4.75 Inches - Baloo Speckled Blue Matte Bud Vase w/...
Farmhouse decor for home, condo, apartment, office, restaurant, or hotel.; Dimensions: 4.5 inches wide x 4.75 inches tall.

Last, but certainly not least, you can go with something like this small ceramic jug for a rustic and unusual diffuser look!

Let me know what your favorite diffuser containers are for your homemade reed diffusers in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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