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Hello Charcoal Toothpaste Review: Tooth Whitening with Activated Charcoal!

Hello Charcoal Toothpaste Review: Tooth Whitening with Activated Charcoal!

I love making things myself if I can, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new!

I have made a few different homemade toothpastes myself including baking soda toothpaste.

And a lot of these diy toothpastes work great, but, I am also pretty lazy sometimes so it’s nice to have some good go to products for when life gets busy and I run out of time to make it myself.

I have been seeing a lot of charcoal toothpaste recipes online and definitely plan to make my own before long, but honestly, I thought charcoal toothpaste sounded terrible. I just imaging a big handful of ashes from a campfire stuffed in my mouth. Not good.

Sooo…I decided to buy grab a tube of Hello charcoal toothpaste and give it a try.

Turns out, I was totally wrong. I really like charcoal toothpaste and I just might be a longterm convert to the charcoal mouth crew!

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Summary: Activated charcoal toothpaste worth buying

If you are specifically looking for a charcoal toothpaste or are looking for a more “natural” tooth whitening solution than chemical whiteners then Hello is a great option. It has a great peppermint taste that works like any normal toothpaste with the small drawbacks of a minor charcoal after taste and the risk of getting grey toothpaste on you clothing or towels.

Works like normal toothpaste with a natural whitener. Love it!

Would I buy it again?


Works like toothpaste, ’cause it is
Nice and pepperminty fresh!
The black toothpaste is weird and fun
No parabens, fluoride, sulfates, triclosan, dyes, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners


Distinct after taste, (I guess it’s charcoal, I don’t really have a reference. It isn’t a bad taste though.)
About double the cost of typical store-bought toothpaste

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Hello Charcoal Toothpaste Review

Hello charcoal toothpaste on a bamboo toothbrush

Why use charcoal toothpaste?

Number one reason for me, charcoal toothpaste is weird and kind of funny looking when you use it.

More importantly for most people, is that charcoal has some natural whitening properties. It won’t get your teeth as white as quickly as chemical whiteners, but it should help make your teeth more white over time.

I haven’t used charcoal toothpaste long enough
Other reasons?

Why try Hello Toothpaste

I decided to try Hello toothpaste because I was too lazy to make my own this time around and I was a little worried about the quality of my charcoal powder being too abrasive for use on teeth.

I really wanted to try Hello because it is charcoal based and should provide some teeth whitening overtime.

There tooth paste is also low in chemicals and contains no parabens, fluoride, sulfates, triclosan, dyes, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners!

What is Hello toothpaste made from?

It is made from charcoal powder and coconut oil!

And even better, is the list of things that are not inside like no parabens, fluoride, sulfates, triclosan, dyes, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. That is a pretty great list of things I will gladly never put in my mouth. ;)

Whats it like?

Hello charcoal toothpaste smeared on a board.


Charcoally. It’ grey. Honestly if you’re coming form more “regular” toothpaste, even a homemade baking soda toothpaste, or something similar it’ll be a shock when this grey goo comes out of the tube.

But…as with so many things, you get used to it after using it a couple of times.

Before I realized it I was used to the color.


Great, Hello has the exact texture you get with most toothpastes. It is smooth with some very fine charcoal particles for scrubbing. It has a texture that feels just like other store-bought toothpaste.

How does activated charcoal toothpaste taste?

Charcoally. But, more than that, it’s super pepperminty!

This toothpaste is nice and refreshing to use. There is definitely another flavor going on, but it isn’t and overpowering bad taste.

There is definitely a flavor that I guess is charcoal (not ever tasted charcoal before) but I think this is a flavor that most people should have no problem adapting to!


Tube of Hello charcoal toothpaste on a table.

I was actually really surprised when I went to buy a tube. At the time I’m writing this it’s just under $5 per tube. This is about double what a tube of name brand toothpaste goes for on Amazon. But for being more of a specialty toothpaste with charcoal and no parabens, sulfates, artificial flavors, or artificial colors for me that’s a bargain.

How well does Hello activated charcoal toothpaste work?

It works great! As far as I can tell after several days of using it, Hello works just as well as any other toothpaste I have used.

Unfortunately the big benefit of using Hello toothpaste is the whiten benefits and I haven’t used it long enough yet to say how well it works for whitening teeth. It should have some effect over the long-term with making teeth whiten based on charcoal being a known whitening agent.

It will likely never whiten as well as chemical whiteners, but if you just want to stay on top of keeping those pearly whites…well…pearly then it’s a great choice for mild tooth discoloration or preventative mouth maintenance.

Do I recommend Hello Toothpaste

Yes! It’s actually pretty straight forward. Hello is a great toothpaste, it works just like the toothpaste you are already used to with the added benefit of having a few less chemicals and a natural charcoal whitening solution built in.

hello Activated Charcoal Epic Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Fresh Mint + Coconut Oil, Vegan &...
hello Activated Charcoal Epic Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Fresh Mint + Coconut Oil, Vegan &...
formulated with fresh mint. your mouth will thank you; hello is vegan and not tested on animals (leaping bunny certified). choose friendly!
$6.89 −13% $5.97

The peppermint flavor is great with a relatively minor charcoal after taste and the texture is good too. Just be a little more careful than usual to not get the grey toothpaste anywhere it doesn’t belong and you’ll be just fine.


Will charcoal toothpaste damage my teeth?

This is one of the reasons I actually tried Hello toothpaste instead of making my own homemade charcoal toothpaste. I have seen some posts where homemade charcoal toothpaste has caused some tooth damage. According to the Hello website, there should be no issue of damage(check it out if you are curious to read more about what they have to say).

In my experience, I didn’t notice and damage to my own teeth. It really just felt and acted like normal toothpaste.

Ask your Dentist:
As always, check with your dentist to make sure that charcoal toothpaste is a good fit for your dental hygiene.

Don’t spill the tooth paste(or drool)

Since this toothpaste is a dark grey it is a little more risky from a staining perspective. Be a little extra careful when brushing your teeth not to dribble on your crisp clean white shirt or smear it on your nice hand towels and you should be fine.

I did get some on a white towel while I was taking the pictures for this post. It all washed out cleanly for me with no staining. Still, just be careful!

Hello toothpaste alternatives

Well, first of all, Hello has a decent size line of products on Amazon worth checking out. I am especially interested in trying out their Charcoal Hemp Seed Oil toothpaste at some point. They even have watermelon and flavored toothpastes for kids!

Hello toothpaste isn’t the only charcoal toothpaste around either! They’re just the most popular, check out these other well reviewed charcoal toothpastes if you want to do a little comparison shopping!

Check out my full post on the best natural toothpastes, or, you can always make your own homemade toothpaste like this super easy diy baking soda toothpaste.


Long story short, if you are in search of either a charcoal toothpaste or a more natural tooth whitening solution the Hello toothpaste is a great place to start. It’s definitely worth a try!


Let me know how you like Hello toothpaste or if you have any alternatives or charcoal toothpaste recipes that you love!


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