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The Many Baking Soda Uses for Around the Home

The Many Baking Soda Uses for Around the Home

The more I make my own homemade cleaners and hygiene products the more I see just how useful baking soda is.  For now there aren’t a ton of posts on this page, but as I try out and test new homemade products I will update this page as I do.

First, before the posts, here’s a some quick information about baking soda.  Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is derived from nahcolite.  Most people, including myself until recently, think of baking soda as just an ingredient for baking.  However, baking soda can be use in many ways for cleaning, and personal hygiene.  Baking soda is an odor absorber and is also a mild abrasive both of which make it good for cleaning.

Here’s every post on The Homemade Experiment that uses baking soda as a primary ingredient.  Have fun trying out these different recipes and leave comments with your experiences.

My Posts on Baking Soda Uses

Future Baking Soda Posts…

Some other possible future post on the many uses for baking soda that I might write about are:

  • Extinguishing fires
  • Metal Scouring Powder
  • Quick and Easy Mouth Wash
  • Produce Wash
  • And many more uses for baking soda

If you know of any other awesome uses for baking soda let me know in the comments.

– Lance