Homemade Shoe Deodorizer With Tea Bags

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Homemade Shoe Deodorizer With Tea Bags

Using Tea Bags To Deodorize Smelly Shoes

I don't have crazy stinky feet or anything, but having nice fresh smelling shoes is oh so nice!  I'm always in the market for something that will make my world smell a bit better so I decided to try this new method for deodorizing shoes.

It turns out tea bags are a great solution for a simple homemade shoe deodorizer without having go wash the shoes.  The best part about using tea bags to deodorize your shoes is that you can pick any flavor, or should I say scent, of tea bag that you want.  Apple spice, peppermint, or lavender scented shoes anyone?  I say, yes please!

I figured I’d test out this new shoe deodorizing remedy with a few bags of mint tea since I've always got a few boxes of that laying around and, hey, minty shoes sound/smell pretty good to me!

What You Need

Homemade Shoe Deodorizer With Tea Bags | What You Need

This is really simple, you need:

That and a little time will get you some sweet smelling shoes in no time flat, or flats ;).[spacer size=”40″][/spacer]

How to deodorize shoes with tea bags

Tea Bag Shoe Deodorizer Add in Bags

All you need to do is grab a couple of tea bags and plop them into each shoe.  I started out by only adding 2 bags into each shoe.  In the end I decided to go for maximum strength and used 3 tea bags in each shoe to deodorize and scent my shoes as much as possible.

Let Sit

Shoe deodorize with tea bags let sit

Then just let your shoes sit.  The drier the environment the better.  Bad odor in shoes is caused by bacteria in the warm moist inside of your shoes.  Getting them dried out will help kill that bacteria and cut down on smell as well.

Tea bags work well for fighting odor because they are so absorbent.  Normally they will absorb quite a bit of moisture during tea brewing.  With this shoe deodorizer method we are putting those properties to use for other means and sucking the moisture and smell right out of our shoes.

After 24 hours your shoes will not only be stank free but they will smell amazing too!  Sometimes I will even let my shoes sit for two days or more.  The extra time just makes them smell even more amazing and tea like.

How Well Does This Shoe Deodorizer Work?

homemade shoe deodorizer with tea bags

This shoe deodorizing method works great!  After letting my shoes sit for a day I boldly shoved my nose into the heal of my shoe and took a big whiff.  Not only was I spared an eye watering inhalation of foot stench I got a nose full of what smelled like a waft of freshly brewed tea.  I was pleased with how well this method work for myself.

Mileage may vary depending on your choice of tea and magnitude of stink, but this is certainly a method of shoe deodorizing worth trying for yourself.  Tea bags are especially good in a pinch when you don't have another shoe deodorizing option at hand, like my shoe deodorizing sachets or shoe deodorizing powder.


Let me know how tea bags work for you in your fight against foot smell in the comments and please share this post if you found it helpful!


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