Homemade Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

homemade shoe deodorizer pouchesHomemade Shoe Deodorizer Sachets

I recently did a post on how to make your own homemade shoe deodorizer powder which works great.  But there are some shoes that I wouldn’t ever want to dump a load of powder into, and I’m sure you probably do too.

So to solve that problem, I came up with my own solution for homemade shoe deodorizers which doesn’t require you to pour powder into you shoes to get those unpleasant smells out.  Instead the end result is a tidy little bundle that works just as well and looks a lot nicer than a pile of powder too, and you can make them in whatever fabric you like.

Time: 10 – 15 minutes
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Simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser

homemade essential oil diffuserHow to Make a Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser

Everyone loves their home to smell nice, and making your own homemade essential oil diffuser is a great way to do that without having to spring for more expensive candles or reed diffuser oils to do the job.

One reason I particularly wanted to try making a diffuser using water rather than an oil base was that many people complain about the oil (not the essential oils) in other homemade reed diffusers going rancid after only a day or two.  Personally that’s not something I want to worry about so I decided to just try it with water.

I found a post at ourhomemadehappiness.com who has tried doing the same thing with success, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Time: 5 minutes
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Homemade Shoe Deodorizer

homemade shoe deodorizerHomemade Shoe Deodorizer

If you suffer from stinky feet, or just want to keep your shoes smelling fresh, then this homemade shoe deodorizer is the solution for you to remove odor from shoes.  I personally don’t have stinky feet, but even those with the best smelling feet will end up with stink shoes.

This simple to make diy shoe deodorizer only uses two ingredients, works awesome, and takes virtually no time to make.

If you don’t want to pour powder straight into your shoes I have another post coming soon that solves that very problem, so check back soon, or subscribe to my emails (no spam, I promise) for updates.

Time: 5 minutes (and some waiting)
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DIY Scented Votive Candles With Essential Oils

homemade scented votive candlesHow to Make Your Own Scented Votive Candles

I love a good scented candle, but they’re so darn expensive, so I decided to make my own diy scented candle.  These scented candles are super simple to make and you can make them in any scent you want.  The best thing is if you burn up all your scented candles you can make another one in only a matter of minutes.

Time: 5 minutes

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Chalkboard Jar Lids

diy chalkboard lidsChalkboard Mason Jar Lids

With all of the homemade things I’ve been making lately jars started piling up with various white powders inside ranging from laundry soap, to carpet freshener powder, and deodorant powder.  I wanted to avoid putting laundry soap on my armpits if I could, so I decided I needed a better labelling system.

I’d seen these lids around the internet before, and I thought that they would be the perfect way to get a little more organized, so I decided to make my own.  If you’re into upcycling and old jars, check out my other post how to make mason jar shakers.

Time: 5-10 minutes (plus drying time)
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Basic Homemade Glass Cleaner (Alcohol-free)

homemade glass cleanerHomemade Glass Cleaner

I don’t know about you, but every time I bust out the glass cleaner and start spraying it around I cringe away from it’s falsely blue mist and I cover my mouth and nose with my shirt.  I finally got tired of acting so ridiculous every time I have some glass to clean, so I decided to make my own homemade glass cleaner that is chemical free, doesn’t make me cringe away from it in fear, and most of all works.

I’m neither for nor against using alcohol in glass cleaner at this point. Personally I think it will probably help to reduce streaking because it evaporates more quickly than water. For the sake of including all options here is a simple to make glass cleaner.

Also, I don’t want to go to a liquor store (grocery stores don’t sell hard alcohol in Oregon) just to buy vodka for some homemade glass cleaner, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Plus, I like the simpler solutions, so here it is.

This glass cleaner is great for everything you’d use a store-bought glass cleaner for: windows in your home, mirrors, or even some metal like faucets.  The good news is that it does all that while being completely animal and kid friendly.

Time: 2 minutes
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How To Make Your Own DIY Dryer Sheets

diy dryer sheetsEasy DIY Dryer Sheets

I decided to make some diy dryer sheets because I’ve been avoiding dryer sheets for awhile. I never liked their strange sticky texture or their overly sweet smell, and I’ve heard they have potentially harmful or skin irritating ingredients, so I try not to use them.  But, from time to time I want my clean clothes and linens to have a nice scent. So I decided to figure out how to make my own.  Here’s how to make your own dryer sheets, best of all it only takes a few minutes to make.

Time: 3 minutes
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Eight Homemade Essential Oil Diffusers

homemade essential oil diffusersMy List of Homemade Essential Oil Diffusers From Around the Internet

Everyone loves a great smelling home.  Scented candles can be a great way to do that, but they can be extreme costly or loaded with chemical scents and other not so awesome things.  Here are some great and simple to make homemade essential oil diffusers that will fill you home with lovely scents for a fraction of the cost with ingredients you can understand and trust because you chose them yourself.

I have only tried a few of these myself, but I’ve put this list together as a resource for myself and others to try in the future.  I hope you find it helpful.

If you are new to using essential oils, pick up this great starter set of essential oils from Edens Garden on Amazon.  It includes 14 great scents to get you started with essential oils.  I know it was hard for me to pick out my first few essential oils because I didn’t know where to start.  Hopefully this set will help point you in the right direction!
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Rice & Essential Oil Homemade Air Freshener

homemade rice air freshener

Two Minute Homemade Air Freshener

This homemade air freshener is a really quick and easy way to get some scent into the air making your home smell nice and fancy with virtually no work!  That’s something I can totally get on board with.  Best of all it only takes a couple minutes to make, so if you’ve got company dropping in unexpectedly or just want to brighten the mood with a great scent there’s always time.

Time: 2 minutes
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Progress Report One

progress report one

This is my first progress report here on The Homemade Experiment.  This is something I plan on making a habit of doing.  I started The Homemade Experiment as a place to try things out, and find alternatives to the chemical loaded products we use everyday.

I want to be one hundred percent honest on The Homemade Experiment.  I see it as a place for learning, sharing, and figuring out what works for each person.  I share what I’ve tried, I give my honest opinion and results of my latest experiments in the homemade.

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